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Our Services

We have tons of services we provide and our best are:


Wooden Protection

When you have a house made from wood you have to protect it all the time with the best products money can buy. With us, you can have the best of the best while still decorating your wooden house with a bit of color. All the advice you need we can provide free of charge!


Waterproofing Paint Jobs

When you want to paint everything, and make it waterproof safe than you give us a call and we do the job for you! The waterproof paint we use is top of the line and will not need another coat for many years.


Drywall Repair And Installation

When you want your home to look its best you have to have a healthy drywall installation. With us, all installations and repairs will last you a long time!


Give A New Look To Your Old Walls

When you are looking for ways to liven up your walls you have to think of the next ideas.


What color do I want with my furniture;


What feeling do I want when I enter this room



When you think why you should choose us over some other company you should consider the advantages!

With us, you get the professional help that has over a decade working as home painters. When you choose us you also get advice and additional help with the project you have in mind while at the same time the service will cost a fraction of the price the other paint companies will charge you. We are simply the best for you! Another advantage is the high quality paint that we use. We only use milk paint, as it has tons a great advantages over regular or latext paint. The paint we use is long lasting, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It even gets stronger over time, which is one of the many reasons milk paint makes such a superior product.

Buy Our Products And Colors Online

If you are looking for ways that you can shop with us just do it all over the internet! If you are in need of:

– Interior Painting

– Exterior Painting

– Drywall/Sheetrock Repair & Installation

– Lead Paint Removal

– Eco-Friendly Painting


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What Our Customers Say


Laverne Wong

Laverne Wong

“I was doing a complete paint job of my house and I hired these guys. they did an amazing job and all I can say is that if you are looking for some professionals hire these guys asap!”

Cody Fitzgerald

Cody Fitzgerald

“If you are ever in the marker for a fresh paint job on your business or home hire these guys. I did and they advised me on wat color to choose for every room in my home and it all looks amazing now.”

Sam Thornton

Sam Thornton

“When I first heard about these guys I decided to give them a try. They did an amazing job, highly recommended!”

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