When we talk about change everyone thinks it’s about changing your habits or moving to another place. The thing is even though you can move to another place the feelings that we carry with us don’t have to change. That can be good in certain situations and bad in others.

If, however, you want to make a change in your life only you don’t know where to start, we have a suggestion for you. Start with your walls. If you change the color of your walls your day will start reflecting on them. Psychologically it’s proven that people who wake up in rooms that are colored in bright colors like yellow, orange, bright green and similar start their day on a happier foot. If you want to change the walls in your house to reflect the feelings you have for yourself or you just want to change them to brighten up your day we have some suggestions on which color you should pick.

Yellow and orange

Orange-wallWhen you are looking for that extra kick to liven up your day on your walls you should consider painting them yellow and orange. If you have four walls in your room you can paint three of them orange and one yellow, or you can paint two yellow and two orange.  The trick is not to overdo it on the brightest color if you are mixing it with another one.

But if you love the color yellow you can mix it however you want. Once you get your walls painted with this combination you will feel energized and livelier once you enter the room. The longer you stay in it the more you will want to start doing some action as the walls are just bursting with energy and so will you. It’s a great combination for the kitchen area also. Just make sure you have the furniture that can complement these colors.

Crimson-red-and-whiteCrimson red and white

This combination can’t go wrong in any area. If you want to do your living room with this color than the furniture has to be black! With that combo, you will have the most badass living room out of all your friends. However, if you want to place it in your bedroom area, then you have to make other colors less aggressive, which means no blackness! Waking up in a crimson red and white room will keep you focused through the day.

Green with yellow

This is another excellent combination that can go both in your kitchen or your living room. Do three walls green and one yellow or do them equally two yellow and two green. Just make sure that the yellow walls are under the window so your green can shine in the room with lots of light from the sun. The combination is very relaxing and your home will have a natural vibe to it.