Whenever somebody wants to make their old walls look new they need to do a full paint job. Sometimes people will hire professionals and let them do all the work, but other times people will try and do it themselves. We encourage everyone that likes to learn new things and when they want to create something with their own hands. For people that have this crazy craving to constantly do everything themselves, we have some tips on how you can customize your house to refurbish your walls so they would look good as new. With our tips, you will have new walls in no time.

 Roll the full height of the wall when you paint

House-paintingWhenever you decide to paint the walls using a roller you have to roll it on the full height of the wall. If you do it just half way the paint marks will be visible. Even if you are re-applying the paint coat the second or third time do it the full length. That will leave no lines.

Mix all the cans in a big bucket

When you start painting a room the worst thing that can happen is that you run out of paint and then you have to make a new batch. This can create different shades of that paint and can reflect badly on your wall. Mix all the paint in one big bucket so your paint job does not look like it was done by 10 different people.

Cut the tape only 24 hours after the paint job

Wall-PaintingCutting the tape too late can be bad since the glue in the tape can get stuck on the wall, but cutting it too early can take a few paint chunks with it. The perfect time is around 24hours later, cut it then and you will be exposed to the minimal risk of ruining the paint job with your tape removal.

Paint the corners, trims, and edges first

PaintWhen you paint, you have to do the small things first and then the whole walls. This is important because you don’t want your corners, edges and other hard to reach places to have a different coating line or for paint to drip from those places to the bigger areas. Paint them first and then move to the bigger parts of the wall where you can paint whole areas in minutes.

Clean the dirty surface on the wall

If you want your paint job to look good but the walls are just too dirty, it’s smart to first remove the grime and other stains off the wall. If you leave the stains the paint will attach itself to the stain, not to the wall. And later it can either show different coloring or it can fall off easier. Clean the surface of the wall if you want a good paint job.